Writing? But I’m sooooo tired…

A friend and business owner contacted me about writing and motivation. She is not a ‘writer’ but a creative human who creates her own jewelry. A pro at marketing and outreach, she’s looking to add some blogging and writing to her life and work, but adding in the commitment to an already full life might not be the answer.


What can you do to add writing to your life? Not everyone wants to be a pro or devote their lives to it, or aren’t sure.

Start with three easy ideas:

1. What’s the story, morning glory? Everyone has stories to tell that are unique and vital to themselves and others to express. You have many ideas in you and things to say – but what are they? Make a list of your ideas or things you’d like to express to others, or even to yourself. Do it in point form, with no pressure to be perfect or eloquent. That’s for later, people!

2. Be open to exploring in real life. It’s not like school: don’t go taking courses and getting into all the writing how to’s. Many of my clients have told me stresses them out. Go dip a toe in the pool by keep a journal of ideas. Go read articles and books that are interesting to you or useful to your business. Attend readings of local authors. See plays and movies. Go explore what creative people are doing in real life away from blogs and the tweets. Then sit down and write some reflections down if you feel the mood.

3. Write every day with tool cues. To commit to a full on regime as many suggest of write an hour a day for busy humans can be one more *&%@ thing to do. Start with the basics. If it’s ten minutes on the bus in a notebook, good. If it’s morning pages or two hours at your desk, great. It needs to become habit that seamlessly enters into your life. I write all day with tool cues: things in my environment I’ve place there to make it easier to just start. Right now in my purse I have notebook with ideas I’m working on, my laptop already ready for some additions to a project, pens and paper by the bed along with my 5 minute emotional journal. It permeated my days and then expands to actual paragraphs that make sense.

Next month: Tool Cues and how to use them. And as always, feel free to share and respond to me via social media!

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