History + Art + Queer

LGTBQ2SIA+ history is Calgary’s history, so let’s be proud of it. Partnering with Calgary Pride, I’ve created and will deliver “Our History Matters”, a series of workshop and performances that celebrate the history of Calgary’s Queer community. It’s part of the 30th anniversary of Calgary Pride, so there’s lots to celebrate.

From 2020 August 14 to September 4, ten programs will be hosted online, sharing the stories and lives of Calgarians. It includes the history of LGTBQ+ Newcomers in Canada, the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Calgary, and films on gay and lesbian life in ‘50s and ‘60s Canada. On September 4, the series will go out with a kick and a twirl: History is a Drag will be performances by top drag artists taking a new spin on our stories and histories.

Why? We really need a celebration of culture, of gender and of sexually diverse communities in 2020! So let’s challenge the histories we hold at the same time. We will help share everyone’s stories in new and unconventional ways, and not just through one lens, but all aspects of our histories, our identities.

This is not your average Pride celebration — this is all of us, working together, for Pride in our history.

All events are free and held online through Showpass. View the full calendar and get tickets at https://www.calgarypride.ca/learning-series/

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